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USAID/Kenya’s Office of Population and Health required a qualified service provider to assess the Mission Health Portfolio in Kenya, particularly, the appropriateness of the health portfolio and the implementation of the Health Implementation Framework.

To undertake this activity, analyses of the regional and national level programs was required, and the provision of insightful recommendations regarding the technical, managerial, and programmatic aspects of those programs were requested for consideration to integrate into future programming. Additionally, USAID requested assistance with developing their health sector strategy in Kenya, including the identification of key successes and constraints of current programming, USAID's comparative advantage, key USAID and US foreign policy considerations, USAID goal areas as well as guidance on earmarks and directives, current program components, the results framework, schematic components for the new program/portfolio and additional illustrative activities. The provision of a description of how schematic components will support achievement of the results was also required as part of this contract. The overall goal of this engagement was the development of a USAID approved program description for the design of a follow-on regional service delivery program for USAID’s Mission Health Portfolio in Kenya.

IT Shows provided strategic visioning and design solutions for USAID’s national health program in Kenya.


To successfully undertake and provide the necessary technical assistance to USAID/Kenya’s Office of Population and Health, IT Shows utilized the expertise from a highly-experienced consulting team that included experts in population, health and nutrition issues as well as USAID’s health priorities within the country.

IT Shows conducted its services with the understanding that the HIF guides USAID’s health portfolio and the overall bilateral program for the period of 2010-2015. IT Shows ultimately provided a robust program description for the design of the follow-on regional service delivery program by undertaking the following activities:

  • Preparing program descriptions for new initiatives
  • Coordinating and conducting meetings with key stakeholders and study tours
  • Analyzing existing projects and modifying those based on the findings
  • Amending work plans
  • Assisting in portfolio realignment.

The result from these activities allowed IT Shows to provide USAID with guidance on the Kenya Mission’s leadership, management and governance; health care financing; human resource management and training; quality assurance, data for decision making, evaluation, and monitoring and evaluation support; communications and behavior change; private sector engagement; and community support and mobilization. IT Shows dutifully managed the project throughout the duration of the contract and provided additional management support from its home office in Arlington, VA. IT Shows was committed to delivering a high quality program description, recommendations for future programming and a full suite of comprehensive support to USAID/Kenya which, as a result, allowed them to adapt their programming to create even more impactful programming for the people of Kenya.



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