Why we are here

Nearly 20 years ago, we envisioned building the capacity of developing countries as a way to create a better world through effective development services and solutions.

We combine talent, tools, and technology to contribute a lasting impact. We saw gaps in leveraging available technology to do development work efficiently in a responsive, accountable manner.

We provide tools and talent to affect change

What we do

We build local capacity

We are strengthening institutions to cope with the changing development landscape, making them efficient and responsive to stakeholder needs.

To achieve this, we bring together leading experts and partners to assist clients strengthen their critical systems. We apply the latest technologies and methodology to create robust capabilities and localized solutions. We maximize using in-country expertise to create lasting value.

We assess, evaluate, and help clients learn

Our evaluation services

We believe evidence-based programming is critical for development impact. We focus on quality data and rigorous evaluation to inform the key decisions. Our clients are empowered to answers some of the most complex questions. We use the best techniques available in MEL to maximize learning. Out tools and tech stack allow­ faster, seamless, and accurate data collection, analysis, and presentation.

We drive value for our clients

Deep knowledge of development work

We understand today’s client services requires effective collaboration, cost effective approaches, and efficient operations. To deliver the best value, we ensure our clients have access to the highest caliber resources and methods for each task. We leverage our depth of knowledge for client success. We always seek ways for our client to receive the maximum value from our engagement.

We offer talent and expertise

Our clients benefit from proven expertise

We are development practitioners who understand implementation challenges. For each project, we assemble top talent. We deploy critical resources with the requisite time-tested organizational tools. Our teams are empowered and focused to meet client priorities. We effectively recruit, hire, and place key staff on projects of all sizes.

We strengthen communities

Ultimately, development work is about communities served

We ensure community participation in our work. Our experts seek out community input, learn, and incorporate into our project implementation. We empower local community stakeholders and experts.

We manage for results

We have critical systems to manage for results

A solid corporate infrastructure is the backbone of our management results. We ensure maximum contribution and rapid response to critical client tasks. Specific roles are identified and our coordination among diverse teams of experts ensures results for our clients and communities.

Our approach at work


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Country Development Strategy Evaluation

USAID Washington

Assessing Multi-Country Evidence Capacity

Work with us

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