“Our reporting has improved so dramatically after automation, now it is within hours, and no longer in days.”

Ministry Official


USAID/Uganda was implementing the AIDS Capacity Enhancement (ACE) Project and required support to assess the Information Technology (IT) and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) components under the project.

The ACE project provided technical assistance and material support to help build Ugandan organizations’ management systems and improve their performance. The assessment was necessary to determine whether client organizations had significantly improved their IT and M&E systems and what services they were provided to strengthen their capacity to successfully meet the goals under ACE.

IT Shows helped the Ministry of Health transition from manual data collection to efficient automated systems.


IT Shows conducted the assessments with a highly-experienced group of consultants who analyzed the services the ACE project was providing to its client organizations.

Notably, this included supporting the Information Technology and Management Information Systems (HMIS) for Uganda’s Ministry of Health by providing extensive technical assistance, including:

  • Improving data collection, compilation, and reporting at all level of the Ministry of Health;
  • Developing strategies to improve HMIS operations among our clients;
  • Strengthening information with the Information Resource Center;

We introduced new technologies to gather, manage, and analyze data and integrated new technologies to strengthen organizational capacity among the client organizations (NGOs & government of Uganda). IT Shows’ team developed the first interactive website for health data, developing a web-enabled database. After testing the system, our team trained staff on the new system. In addition to providing technical assistance the Ministry, our experts also assessed District-level IT infrastructure and rolled out the EPI Info Management Information System in 10 districts.

Additionally, IT Shows highlighted the gaps and challenges found during the assessments of ACE’s IT and M&E components and provided recommendations to USAID/Uganda on how to strengthen the program as it moves forward. IT Shows was able to successfully support USAID throughout the duration of the project and provided USAID with expert insights into the achievements and challenges in programming for the ACE project. 



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