“Our successful delivery of a masterpiece evaluation in Zambia is the result of effective collaboration between IT Shows and the Mission.”

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USAID/Zambia needed a highly qualified consulting firm to undertake a performance evaluation of its five-year country development cooperation strategy (CDCS).

As the CDCS was about to expire, USAID/Zambia needed to assess the performance of the (then) current CDCS to determine where the mission was with respect to reaching its three main development objectives and to inform the development and design of the next CDCS through the identification of what was working and where there were identified challenges and/or gaps.

USAID needed help assessing country-wide results in Zambia and evaluating nearly $500 million in investments.


IT Shows deployed an expert consulting to team undertake a rigorous evaluation of USAID/Zambia’s CDCS to measure its progress toward meeting the development objectives and to inform the design of future strategies that are appropriate for achieving USAID’s intended goal.

IT Shows conducted a rigorous desk review of relevant key resources documents, field site visits, and key informant interviews with activity implementing partners to produce a comprehensive evaluation that provided USAID with key insights and recommendations for the development of their new CDCS. Specifically, IT Shows evaluated to what extent the enabling governance environment improved, if and how rural poverty in targeted areas was reduced, and whether human capital had been improved. IT Shows worked closely with USAID throughout the evaluation and provided expert management and oversight to ensure all activities undertaken were timely and efficient.



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